Hans Debets, abstract painter

      My paintings are primarily visual images. At a first glance, they point to nothing other than themselves. In this sense they are realistic.
      What my paintings express lies not in an exterior meaning, but depends on the perception of the viewer.
      Of importance here is the painting itself and how the viewer experiences it.
      My work is a rediscovery of fundamental aspects of the art of painting.

      For this purpose I use various, at a first glance, basic artist’s tools: tape, rollers, palette knives, broad brushes.
      The paintings do not arise from a fixed concept.
      You could say that my work arises from my intuition.

      The images aim to surprise, to intrigue, to stimulate. They invite the viewer to look twice, to enrich him or herself.

    • In December 2011 and in Januari/ Februari 2012  my work was on exhibit at the Hilton hotel in Stockholm and at the Hilton hotel in Malmo, Sweden.


    • haapie@hotmail.com